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Stories: 1
Total Square Footage: 1,976
First Floor: 1,976
Bedrooms: 3
Full Baths: 2
Width: 57 ft.
Depth: 88 ft. 6 in.
Crawl Space Foundation, Optional Basement Foundation, Optional Concrete Slab Foundation, Optional Custom Foundation Design
Included with your plans a value of more than $300
FREE shipping. Complimentary ground shipping within the continental U.S. ... a $25 value
FREE design consultation with the architect or designer of your house plan about plan modifications you may be considering ... a value of $200 or more
FREE modification quotes on any plan ... a $50 value
FREE Home Building Guide to assist you throughout the building process, featuring 10 worksheet organizers to help you make sense of your building project and save you thousands of dollars ... a $25 value
FREE Product Information Kit, showcasing new and innovative products for your new home ... a $10 value
Available Plan Packages
Plan Packages: Each set of construction documents includes detailed, dimensioned floor plans, basic electric layouts, structural information, cross sections, roof plans, cabinet layouts and elevations, as well as general specifications. They contain virtually all of the information required to construct your home.
  $800.00   PDF BID SET - PDFs NOW!™
This electronic version of the construction blueprints is the ideal choice for pricing the home and obtaining reliable bids. It will be red-stamped "NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION" but can be upgraded to a full construction PDF or blueprints within 60 days. It can be e-mailed the same day you purchase. An online license will be completed during the checkout process.
  $950.00   PDF Construction Set - 1 Build - PDFs NOW!™
YOUR BEST VALUE FOR CONSTRUCTION PURPOSES. Provides an electronic version of the construction blueprints for the construction of a single home.. You can print 8 1/2 x 11 copies on your own computer or go to a copy shop and print as many copies as you need, whether full size 24 x 36 copies - or any size - for field use. The PDF file is also readily modified if you are making changes. The PDF File can be e-mailed the same day. Completion of an online license indicating location of the house will be done during checkout.
  $1,010.00   4 sets
  $1,030.00   5 sets
  $1,090.00   8 sets
  $1,110.00   Reproducible Set
  $1,190.00   8 sets plus PDF electronic file
Eight sets of prints plus a PDF electronic file and license. The PDF will be forwarded via email.
  $1,900.00   Cad Files
Electronic Cad Files are available on many plans - Call 866-214-2242 for availability and format. Purchaser is required to sign a license prior to delivery of the Cad files.
Plan Foundations
 $0.00Crawl Space Foundation
This plan is designed on a Crawl Space Foundation - an above ground foundation consisting of an exterior masonry curtain wall, interior beam supports and wood floor joist. This type of foundation raises the floor level of the house several feet above the existing grade. The advantages of a crawl space foundation are it is more energy efficient and it does not require a level building site.
 $10.00Optional Custom Foundation Design
If we do currently offer a foundation tpye that you want, our designers will create one for you. For example, if you want a basement foundation and we do currently offer it, our designers will create one for you. The fee charged by the designer varies from $300 to $500 based upon the size of the home. When you receive your plans, instructions will be included for contacting the designer to discuss the foundation you desire. The designer will collect the balance of the fee and create the custom foundation. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Some restrictions apply which include the footprint of the existing plan must remain the same.
 $100.00Optional Basement Foundation
An optional basement foundation is available for this plan. It is a below grade unfinished basement foundation constructed with 8" or 12" wide exterior concrete block walls with a 4" thick poured in place concrete slab basement floor. Beams supported by pipe columns are located under load bearing walls. Each foundation may vary but it is usually assumed the site is flat and level and the basement is below grade; However, some plans may offer a daylight basement (refer to plan description for details)
 $100.00Optional Concrete Slab Foundation
An alternate Monolithic concrete slab foundation is available for this plan. This type foundation requires a level building pad. The foundation consist of a 4" thick, reinforced, poured in place concrete floor with interior footings under support walls.
Plan Options
For those that want both prints and a PDF electronic file, order the prints and choose the option to ADD A PDF ELECTRONIC FILE TO A PRINT ORDER. When choosing this option, the customer must order prints. This is a great option because prints can be used to distribute to your contractor for use on the job site. The PDF electronic files can be sent to sub-contractors, permit departments and your lender.
 $20.00Additional Sets
Additional sets must be ordered with original order in order to obtain the price shown. Additional sets may be ordered later and up to 6 months after the original order for a price of $50 per set plus shipping.
 $125.00Full Reverse Plans
Full reverse or right reading reverse plans are available for this design - Full Reverse plans are flipped 180 degrees to the plan illustration shown on the web site. Unlike mirror reverse plans, the lettering and dimensions are right reading.
 $60.00Mirror Reverse Set
The image is reversed 180 degrees in a mirror reverse plan; however, the lettering and dimensions will also be reversed. If you select the mirror reverse option, you will receive 2 sets of your total order in mirror reverse. The mirror reverse sets will assist your contractor to lay out the foundation and framing in reverse. The remaining sets of your order will not be mirror reversed. Your lender and permit department will not accept mirror reverse plans.
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